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Using Nature's best defense

We have found Biomimicry (copying methods your body or nature use to solve problems) can produce highly effective technologies that are human safe, effective, ECO safe and are economically beneficial.  For example, our surface cleaner is the exact same chemistry your white blood cells use to kill bacteria and virus.  We deliver the technology in an easy to use spray system that saves the disposal of hundreds of wipes every day.  Our reusable spray bottle and ECO safe tablets replace all the additional packaging and waste from polyester/rayon wipes and plastic canisters that are not biodegradeable.


Defeating BioFilm with

Super Oxidized Water (HOCL)

Watch as human macrophages takes in Staph (green) and dissolves it with HOCL

Figure 1

Control Surface


(700,000cfu/sq. cm)

Biofilm remaining on polyurethane tubing in control segments.

Figure 2

Treated Surface

(arrowed = 10cfu/sq. cm)

There was no evidence of adherent slime in samples after exposure to HOCL for 5 minutes.

Images courtesy of Professor Charles Mackenzie, Michigan State University, E. Lansing MI.

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